DoD Safe Helpline

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Chat online with a trained staff member who can provide you confidential crisis support.

Your privacy and safety are crucial. You may use Safe Helpline anonymously. However, if you are using a DoD computer or mobile device, your online activity may be monitored or recorded by DoD.

We will not ask for information that would identify you (such as your name or address) unless you ask to have a staff member follow up with you. We will not record or store the chat. However, if you disclose your name and location and are under 18 or we fear that you are in danger of committing suicide (or otherwise as required by law), we may have to provide this information to the authorities.

Safe Helpline Helping Hands

By clicking Go Chat, you are agreeing to the terms (see below for links to the full text).

Read more about:

 Military Rules of Evidence (MRE) 514 - Victim-Victim Advocate Privilege

User safety procedures.

Privacy policy.

User agreement.

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