What We Have Done to Make the
Online Helpline Safe

We have partnered with the nation’s top technology and online security companies to build a helpline infrastructure that is as safe and secure as current technology allows.

There are four key steps we’ve taken to give you the highest level of security:

  • We never log your IP address.

An IP address is like your computer’s mailing address. Once you begin a session, the Online Helpline never captures this address, so we cannot trace a session back to you.

  • We don’t save session transcripts.

Unlike email or instant messaging, which save data that can be accessed later, the Online Helpline does not record the transcript of your session. Without this record, there is no way for anyone else to read the conversation you have with Safe Helpline staff.

  • We encrypt all the data.

Every time you (or a Safe Helpline staff member or volunteer) hit send, your words are encrypted using 128-bit SSL technology, the best available. That way, the text cannot be intercepted and read in transit.

You are anonymous.

  • The Online Helpline has been built utilizing special anonymous routing methods that obscure the connection between you and Safe Helpline staff via the use of a unique code that cannot be traced back to you.

Is My Safety Guaranteed?

In short, no. We have done everything possible to ensure your safety and anonymity, but we cannot guarantee the security of your computer.  While we can’t eliminate every risk, we believe that we’ve greatly minimized the risks and made it as safe to use as the telephone.

That’s what we’ve done to minimize risks on our end. There are additional steps you can take to further reduce your risks. Find out more here.

Special note for users who are concerned about computer safety and privacy: Before using this service, it is important that you read and follow these safety tips to minimize any risk of someone finding out you have used this website. For maximum safety, you should use a public computer, as in a library or school, that automatically erases your web browsing history, or borrow a computer that belongs to a trusted friend. If you are using a Department of Defense (DoD) computer, please be aware that the DoD may monitor your computer activity.

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