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Making the decision to contact Safe Helpline for support and resources is not always easy, and you probably have questions. Whether by phone, online chat, or through the peer-to-peer Safe HelpRoom, Safe Helpline provides an anonymous, confidential, and secure place for support and access to military and civilian resources 24/7. You will never be asked to share personally identifying information such as name, base, or rank, and nothing you discuss with Safe Helpline staff will ever be shared with anyone. 

Since 2011, our staff has provided support and access to resources for survivors, friends and loved ones, and other DoD community members impacted by sexual assault. Safe Helpline staff are specially trained in military culture, traditions, and reporting procedures to provide you with accurate information and support.

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Hear from our dedicated staff about their experiences working with survivors in the DoD community:

“One of the most profound gifts we can give survivors who come to Safe Helpline is simply listening to them. No one should have to go through healing from a sexual assault alone.”- Sami, Safe Helpline staff member for over three years

“Compassion and support are at the heart of DoD Safe Helpline staff. It is what they provide to each visitor, and why we enjoy being a part of Safe Helpline. It doesn’t matter who you are or what you are going through. When you reach out to Safe Helpline you receive compassionate and non-judgmental support.”- Sydney, Safe Helpline staff member for over ten years

“When a survivor is connected with one of our staffers, they should know that this is a safe place, free from judgment or shame. We can help survivors find the support they need and deserve.” -Jason, Safe Helpline staff member for over three years 

You are not alone. Safe Helpline staff are standing by. Call or chat with us anytime at 877-995-5247 or



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